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Edrawings won't display decals

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on Jul 15, 2015

I have added a decal to a part that is a component in an assembly. I checked the radio button in document properties to embed the decal in the part file per the numerous threads that talk about doing that. I moved the decal file locations so that SW couldn't find them and it displayed fine in SW, which means the decal is indeed imbedded in the file. If you open the SW part and assy files with Edrawings the decal displays fine. However, when you open the SW drawing file with Edrawings the decal will not display unless the decal files are in their original locations. The decal shows in the preview window, but not when you actually open the file. Note: We open the drawing files directly with Edrawings, we do not publish to the Edrawing format. Is this a limitation of Edrawings where it can't read the embedded information for the drawing format?  Previously I tried textures as well as sketch images.  Textures don't appear to have the ability to be embedded at all and sketch pictures are limited to part files.  I thought decals would surely work since you can embed them, but so far I've not had any success. We utilize a PDM system, so having a network directory of decal files isn't an option.


Windows 7 64 SP1

SW 2015 64 SP2.1

EDrawings 2015 64 SP2