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EPDM Exclamation mark warning, are you guys just living with this?

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2018 by Francisco Guzman

We commonly make soft updates to our cad models that don't necessarily change the form fit or function of the component or assembly, so in our old CAD system we had a few select users with "god" powers that could open a final design and make changes without a rev, or version bump.  We used this functionality to do small things like correct misspellings on released drawings, or add a reference dimension to a released print that the supplier requested.  Today I was asked to update an assembly that has a motor bolted to a face, and the motor has a wiring terminal box on the side.  The box was facing one side and now they want to show it vertically (rotate the motor 90°).  This change is not going to effect the end use of the product, and it will for the most part go unnoticed by just about everyone outside of our design/build team.  The problem lies in the fact that this motor is in an assembly, and the assembly is used in a bunch of other assemblies, that are then used in a bunch more assemblies (about 1,000 assemblies at the end of the tree)!  Now all of these assemblies are showing this icon:


We use the get latest version tool in EPDM, and so the icon appears because it got the latest version of the file (motor up), but the assembly is referencing the motor sideways version of the assembly three or four levels deep!  I can ignore the icon and move on with my life, but something inside of me just screams "GO BACK AND FIX THAT!".  Are other users of this software just ignoring this or am I in the minority here?  Am I missing an easy way of making this icon go away?