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Refuses to allow a drawing view to switch to exploded view

Question asked by Tyler Hilgendorf on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

UPDATE: I have found what causes the issue: when I add a broken-out section to the exploded view, everything is fine. HOWEVER, if I go into the Section Scope Properties of the broken-out section and exclude a component from the section cut, this forces the view to revert to un-exploded mode, from which it cannot be changed. Even if I change the broken-out section back to not excluding any components, the view can no longer be switched back to exploded mode. Deleting the broken-out section does allow the view to revert to exploded. I am guessing this is just some bug deep in the inner workings of SolidNeverWorks.


So the solution is: don't have a broken-out section view WITH excluded components added to your exploded assembly view.




I have a previously-made drawing which I have opened up to print again, after some very minor edits. The main view on this drawing is an Isometric exploded view of the assembly, and there are several detail views showing these exploded parts.


However, the drawing has reverted this view to its un-exploded state, and nothing will let me switch it back. The detail view circles are just hanging off in space by themselves, resulting in empty detail views.


I've tried:


1) RMB on view -> Properties but the "Show in exploded state" button is grayed out.

2) Opened the assembly to check it, the exploded view is perfectly fine. Drawing still can't see the exploded view.

3) Clicking on the view, and the option to show in exploded configuration in the left panel is missing.

4) Ctrl+Q'ing the drawing: no effect.

5) Shutting down and re-opening Solidworks: no effect.

6) Restarting my computer: no effect.

7) Creating a new Exploded config in the assembly, then saving: no effect.

8) Switching the assembly to the exploded configuration, saving, then selecting "Use model's 'in-use' or last saved configuration": no effect


The only thing that does work is creating an entirely new drawing view, (which is an exact duplicate of the existing one, by the way). THAT one has no problem: the "show in exploded state" option shows right up. But now I have to re-create all the detail views (just dragging the detail view circle over the new drawing view doesn't work) and re-add all the part number balloons. For my ENTIRE assembly. A simple update-drawing-and-print has turned into a multi-hour long ordeal. Is there any way to just make the old drawing view work?!


This kind of stuff seems to happen constantly with Solidworks; it's always something. I think I'll start referring to it as "SolidNeverWorks".