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Might have made more work for myself.

Question asked by Josh Anderson on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Ben Fisher

So, i have these two weldments.

I started drawing as a part for ease of trimming.

Mainly beams and columns.

I made a single assembly of the two parts.

Then proceeded to insert standard parts, clips, splice plates, connection plates, etc.

     Mainly because of ease of placement, and there were some standard parts with multiple configurations for various sizes of beams.

So, to detail all of the columns which now have multiple connection plates and base plates "mated" to them.

I "Save As"-ed the whole assembly, as a PART.

In drawing format, it was easy to "Select bodies" and bring in columns and the appropriate connection/base plates, to detail accordingly.

Now, here is the problem i am facing, as some of you may already see where i am going with this.

I need to revise the weldments, which i have done, to the original weldment parts, which automatically revised the assembly as well.

So, the layout and plan views have changed on certain views of the drawing, but the detail views have not.

Is there a way to "Relink" the "Assembly Part" so the bodies in which i have changed would update in the details.

Or, do i have to bite the bullet and redo the majority of my detail views?


One thing i was going to try, but find i can't, is in the assembly, select the appropriate bodies and part, then do a "Insert into new part"

But, that selection is not available in assembly mode.


I realize now i should have made the whole thing as 1 large weldment, as all of my detail views would have been updated as the changes were happening.


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.