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Drawing template issues: scaling, sketches, line styles

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Bernie Daraz

I know this topic has come up many times, but I haven't seen a post about this specific issue.  I have a DXF drawing template which is scaled as 1:1.  However, as soon as I add a drawing view, the sheet scale changes automatically.  I then have to manually change it back so I don't have scaling issues.


Kind of related to this, in normal 3 view drawings, if I change the main view to flat pattern, then decide I want to change the sheet scale, all the other views update, but NOT the flat pattern.  The main view was set to use sheet scale, but then I change to flat pattern and the view changes to custom scale.  Is there a way to prevent this? We are having issues where our drawings are not scaled correctly when transferred to our CNC people, so I want to make it fool proof.


Thirdly, after playing around with our "DXF" template, trying to get it to stay at 1:1, I somehow changed it so that sketches no longer show up.  Before, when I would insert a flat pattern view, I could see the bend sketches.  Now I have to go to VIEW, uncheck HIDE ALL TYPES and then the bend lines show up.  I tried showing sketches, then resaving the template and sheet format, but it did not help.


Fourthly, how can I change the line type of formed features in a flat pattern?  We had an issue recently where a flat pattern drawing was sent to a laser company and the formed feature was shown (as a different colour in SW but not apparently other CADs).  They cut out the feature.  I realise that we should have deleted the lines, but they have also cut bend lines on occasion.  I want to make these lines output as a different line style so that it is more obvious that they are not cut-outs.