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Disappearing custom properties in Drawing Sheet Format?

Question asked by Eric Porter on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Erki Suurk&252La

So for years I've had a drawing setup with custom properties. Client, Project name, #, Description, etc.


With SW 2015, I'm having an issue where the "Description" property is disappearing from the Drawing.


For example, I'm working on a "IPAD TABLE" drawing:


-"IPAD TABLE" is the description I put into the "File Properties" box, next to Description. 

description issue Capture3.JPG

-Then it shows up in my sheet format, at the top of every page. I have a linked Description value there in the sheet format.

description issue Capture.JPG


This setup has worked fine for years, but has changed with the switch to SW 2015. The new problem is that the description is now disappearing.


-When I save to PDF, the PDF pops up, with the Description removed from the page:

description issue Capture2.JPG

*Also, the Description is gone from "File Properties":

description issue Capture4.JPG



What am I missing?