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Part or sub assembly requires rebuild

Question asked by P. Farnham on Jul 14, 2015


Solidworks 2015 sp4

RX diagnostics all green ticks


All parts or assemblies are plain and simple, fully constrained sketches, no incontext, no flexible assemblies ect.

Build bottom up


Having a strange thing(s) happening.


I can open a part, close that part. (no rebuild asked for)

Open an assembly with that part in, induces a rebuild of the part (traffic lights against that part as I chose not to rebuild that assembly)

If I open another assembly with that same part in, that part is not induced to rebuild! (no traffic lights)


This also happens with a sub-assembly that is in two higher assemblies, one higher level assembly induces a rebuild of said sub-assembly, whilst another higher level assembly does not induce a rebuild of said sub-assembly.


Of course Ctrl+Q of the part or sub-assembly induces a rebuild of both the higher assemblies.


If I put the part into a new sub-assembly, this does not induce a rebuild of the part when opening this new sub-assembly

If I put the sub-assembly into a new higher assembly, this does not induce a rebuild of the sub-assembly when opening this new higher assembly


Any ideas?