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    Solidworks constantly Freezing up

    Will Murphy

      I have two jobs (one part time), where I have SolidWorks 2015 sp3 on two different systems. One is a laptop(HP Zbook) and one is a workstation(Dell T3160). I freeze up probably 5 times a day on each one. Where the software becomes unresponsive and the window pops up for me to "wait or shut down." It happens when I drag and drop a new part, edit a  parts dimension in an assembly, when I unsuppress, hide - unhide component. I am getting very frustrated, and so far my tech support has no answer with two separate RX captures that report no hardware or software issues. Any one else having these problems?

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Do you have any add-ins activated?

          Which Windows version?

          Are you a super-fast mouse-clicker?

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            Will Murphy

            Enterprise PDM on the Workstation, none on my Laptop.

            Window 7 on both.

            Yes, I am and have been trying to slow down, where I use the workstation there are 9 other users with same or similar systems and I am the only one with the issue. One of my coworkers, who is a fast mouse clicker as well, was having this happen from time to time and noticed that when he took a second or to on the drop drag that it helped. Which I have been working on as well since we discussed it, but sometimes after the 4th or 5th part it will freeze up any way. I have begun to save after about 10 action or so, so I don't lose work.

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              Jeff Holliday

              The type of the parts being used could have a major impact. Are they complex surfaces? Also, have the parts/assemblies been fully defined with regard to references?

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                Brian Hoerner



                     I have a half dozen people with the same issues, including myself, out of 22.


                     It doesn't matter what they are doing, what types of complex parts or assemblies, doesn't matter if "Use software OpenGL" mode is on, or the Video card is used, doesn't matter how long the user has been in SolidWorks, what other applications are open, not real rhyme or reason.  Slowed down clicking, which really doesn't seem to matter either, no consistency on the crashing.


                     Can go days without a crash, then 2 or more times a day


                     Have repaired and reinstalled SW with clean install, used Admin image as well as standalone installs


                     I am testing a few with having them re-create their registry and will update this once I finish everything I can think of.


                     The difficult aspect of this is that it all seems random, no correlation or consistency.  Unable to create the RX report as you noted because once SW is hosed, sitting in the white screen with the great spinning wheel, that's all the further the report goes, if it creates anything at all.


                     There are a few other posts similar to this, but nothing really helpful.


                     Will be calling VAR after today if i cannot find any additional ideas or pointers



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                  Will Murphy



                  Thank you. I have shown this to by supervisor. My modeling techniques and work flow had become in question. It didn't matter what I was doing I would freeze up. We have done a complete reformat on one system which has cut the occurrences down, but not fixed it.


                  What I have done is to stop using any top down methods of modeling. I no longer edit a part in an assembly but open the part to change any dimensions, as well as no longer drag and drop parts in assemblies, but open the part to edit and then add instances or use copy with mates where it can work successfully. This is probably what has helped more than anything. Which makes no sense to me. These are suppose to be part of the software usability.


                  I feel that there is a issue/bug in the software that they do not want to admit to and are working on fixing on the DL. Then a service pack or a new roll out will fix and hope no one is the wiser. Jedi mind trick "There is nothing wrong with the Software!".....I gave up on tech support.

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                    Paul Salvador



                    I have to ask... so,... to eliminate crashing..


                    1 - disable add-ins,... All?

                    2 - use a specific Windows version,..  Which version?

                    3 - slow mouse clicking...  How slow?


                    .. ;^)

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                      Brian Hoerner

                      Hey Will,


                      Also, should have noted this earlier, we are on SP4.0, so that did not fix this deal.  I am planning to call our VAR tomorrow, which I rarely do since at this level of issue they contact DS, to report this and they normally have to give the script answer..."Is video card compatible"  "Is box compatible"  etc, etc, etc.


                      I know they need to ask these things, but there is a point where it is obvious these questions are not going to help.  I love our VAR, just troubled by this release.  Only happens every few years, but it is always too long until it is fixed.


                      Thanks for your feedback, interesting things to note and try



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                        Kelvin Lamport

                        I have to ask... so,... to eliminate crashing..


                        1 - disable add-ins,... All?

                        2 - use a specific Windows version,..  Which version?

                        3 - slow mouse clicking...  How slow?


                        .. ;^)

                        I don't know of any sure way to eliminate crashing, but have learned through these fora (and personal experience) that...

                        1) Some add-ins have caused crashes or other problems. It is widely known & accepted that disabling add-ins which are not in current use is often an effective preventative measure.

                        2) Windows 7 is probably the most robust since XP.  Windows 8.1 should be avoided & Windows 10 should not even be considered yet.

                        3) Slow enough to not cause problems. 

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                          Roger Reed

                          White screen of death ?!


                          Get it all the time, just thought it was me.


                          Win 7 , Quadro 2000D , all addons turned off

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                            Rich Parzych

                            I think you hit the nail on the head with this one.  I design tooling so I prefer top down modeling.  Crashing is more likely when editing in place so much so that I wont do it without a save and refresh.  Still even with that I experience 2-5 crashes a day.  Not that this is the only reason the software crashes, it has been known to crash without me at my desk.  I too have been suspecting maybe its my modeling style since I've only been using Solidworks for the past 8 months.  I don't know, what I do know is this is completely unacceptable for a solid modeling software to still be crashing in 2015.

                            I'm running solidworks 2014 with SP5.0 on windows 7 pro.




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                              Brian Hoerner

                              SO nice, just now I was simply searching through the feature manager, selected a move face spun the view to see where it was, reselected the same move face in the feature manager, and hooray, nice spinning circle with no response, now that is what I call way cool.


                              It's only been ten minutes, so at 12 minutes I suppose I will shutdown, and re-do what I did, but the great thing is, I know what I did and how I did it so doing it again will be much faster, what a joy!!  LOL

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                                Will Murphy

                                I hid a part at the design tree yesterday and it white screened me. Its got to the point I'm afraid of doing certain commands to try to not invoke the freeze up. I also started using "isolate" more than hide/unhide commands this seems to help.


                                I was going to work on my professional certifications this fall, but I'm afraid of taking the test and having this happen in the test Then not making the time limit because I lost work and have to redo part of it. The test is non refundable so it would be my luck.  Murphy's law is a beeotch when its your last name! When they fix it then I'll use my certificates. Not till then.

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                                  Brian Hoerner

                                  Question, has anyone that has seen this tried working with ONLY SolidWorks running?


                                  I am doing some testing using a few guinea pigs here, and we tested running with only Outlook and SW running, and still have the non repeatable inconsistent crashing (even with just hiding or showing a part, as Will noted, but doesn't happen all of the time), now we are running with only SW running, and it has been a bit since we crashed, of course, now holding my breath since last time this happened when I had Outlook open I lost 20 minutes of work, had finished adding a fillet, moved the mouse to save and taadaa...done and over done....


                                  Will update after running for awhile


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                                    Tyler Goetzman

                                    I would imagine this has been posted before, but its a great reference to make sure your getting the most out of solidworks via settings and hardware. Sounds like you don't have a lot of control over hardware being one is a work computer but there's a lot of other helpful info in here that may pertain to you none the less.


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