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Component Manipulation

Question asked by Joe Guerra on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by Jackson King

Hello all!


I have a question; perhaps I'm extremely naive in this regard. Nearly every other design package(NX, ProE, Inventor) I've used allows for point to point part manipulation. That is, operating within an assembly, I can select the part/subassy I want to move, and click point to point where I want to move it. I'm operating in SW2014 and can't seem to find this option; I view this is as an extraordinary useful tool that's missing.  The other tool that I can't seem to figure out is part/subassy rotation by axis and degree. I can select a component, but the only way to rotate about an axis is a free drag. Is there a way to specify an edge or axis within a part/sub assy, and rotate it by a specified amount? My inability to do this is also extremely frustrating.


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