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    file history add in

    Thomas Johnston



      I am an educator who has been using the file history add in to check for student cheating.

      It worked fine until I installed the 2015 Education Edition.


      I was told to install Workgroup PDM. I did but still don't see the add in?

      What has changed?


      Any ideas are appreciated.



      Tom Johnston

      San Diego State University Mechanical Engineering Dept.

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          Deepak Gupta

          You need to set up server/vault first (can do on the same machine or a different machine). Then you would have to connect to the server to run the client (WPDM) on your machine.


          What kind of file history you had been using?

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            Paul Salvador

            Tom,... I have to ask cuz I'm curious (hand raised)... at university level,.. why would you care to take the time or place any energy into finding out if a student is/are/were cheating.  Would they not be cheating themselves.. since they are paying for the education... or is it a policy to check on grant/scholarship students only?