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Cut list negative angle values

Question asked by Justas Nekrasas on Jul 14, 2015
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Is it possible to get a negative cut list cut angles in cut list?



The problem is that SolidWorks always displays a positve angle, in cut list it goes from 0 to 90, and then switches to 0 again.

We need to somehow differ in cut list the cuting direction, weather it is 45 or 315 degrees, or 45 and -45.

We were brainstorming a bit on this problem, but all of our ideas crashes to API, which seems to have access only to those possitive angles.

Perhaps some of you have encountered same problem and could share the sollution?

It does not necesserily has to be in cut list. Excel file txt, or anything else that helps to differ those parts would be very valuable.



cut 3.png



We need that, because we want to send a cut list directly to a cutting machine, without having someone to manualy ajust all those cutting angles.

It might be a macro that somehow mesures all those needed angles.