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    problem in transient termal analysis

    Evgeny Chebakov


          i have a problem when try to get results in transient termal analysis. to try to solve it i made a simple model and try again but faced with same problem. the problem is when get results the model is cold ( i mean it don't be cold like this)

      2015-07-13 23-32-41 Скриншот экрана.png

      next i cut the model and turned off the convection and the heat power. left only the initial temperature and ran this study and results is this: i noticed that the model is cold in the core.

      2015-07-13 23-34-02 Скриншот экрана.png

      perhaps, the problem with this version of solidworks ( i use SW 2015 x 64 SP 1.1) or with anything else.

      if you know how fix this problem answer for it, please!


      thank you!

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          James Mulhern

          I had a similar problem when I was running a transient simulation of  a pipe.  When I set the initial temperature of the pipe the interior of the pipe was very cold (like 100K).  The way I solved it was to create a steady state thermal simulation with a temperature load on all faces and set to the initial temperature I wanted.  This generated a constant temperature throughout the part.  Then in the transient simulation I checked "Initial temperatures from thermal study" in the properties window (right below where you select Transient).  Then I selected my steady state study and removed the initial temperatures from the temperature loads.


          Hope this helps.



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            Stephen White

            Hi Evgeny,


            Have you applied the initial temperature to the entire body rather than just the outside faces? Any elements without an initial temperature applied will take absolute zero, so this may be causing the problem. In the temperature dialogue you can select the body rather than the faces;



            This should mean all the elements in the model start from 273 Kelvin.