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Configurated dimensions don´t refresh.

Question asked by Denise V on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Hey everyone!


An already desperate student needs really your help!! My bachelor project is about generating a parametrical configured 3D-model. For that I have my equations in a text file, which is linked with my parts and assembly. Actually this works. But since a few days I have a problem. When I change dimensions in the text file, the results in the equation-editor of the part or assembly are right, but the part itself doesn´t change the dimensions (or the assembly doesn´t suppress parts). It seems like they would sleeping. I already tried to rebuild and reload the assembly/ part, but it doesn´t change. The only thing which works sometimes is clicking in the dimension and change it manually (enter the same parameter again).



In the pictures you can see, that left (in the equations) "h" is 5300 (like in the Text file). But the value of the part-dimension is 5500....


Thanks in Advance!!