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Contact not working in Motion analysis, and other problems

Question asked by Ben D. on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by Pablo Jorge



I have the following problems in Motion Analysis:

1. Motors do not save direction/speed value. This means that if I set the motor, do simulation, close the file, open the file again - and the value of the motor speed, and the direction is different from what is was before. Anybody noticed this?

2. If I, by mistake, create a key with the same value, then simulation makes an erroneous results. This means, that if I have a 3 sec simulation, and I have a motor "key" (this diamond in  he timeline),  which make the motor to start working at time of 0 seconds, and stop working at time of  sec, and then I accidentally add another "key" which duplicates to "motor on" at the
time of 1 sec, then simulation gives erroneous results: contacts stop working, parts fly away to opposite direction than gravity, etc.

3. This one gives me most concern. I want to simulate a metal or wooden beam dropping onto a production line conveyor. For simplicity, the conveyor is just a sheet:





If the make a contact between the beam and the conveyor with elastic properties "Restitution coefficient" , then this contact works. If I make it "Impact", then the beam drops through the conveyor. I have seen this machine working in reality, and I can not achieve to look my simulation the same with "Restitution coefficient", therefore I need "Impact" settings.



This is how it looks:




Changing accuracy (tried all reasonable values), frames per second (tried 60 to 300), different solvers, different settings for solvers - no use. Also tried to remove "standard" materials like "acrylic" and "steel" and put custom values. Still, no use. The assembly is attached. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a problem with the software?


SW 2015 sp4.0



Thank you for your advice!