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    Absorption coefficients in SolidWorks Thermal Simulation?

    Paul Inchin

      Dear users,

      I have a problem with thermal analysis in Simulation Simulation.

      For my components I can set in SolidWorks thermal propertries of material and radiation coefficient (surface emissivity). BUT, there is no chance to set an absorption coefficient of material (solar or/and IR absorptance). Does SolidWorks take into account this property of material in calculation? If yes - whether it is possible to set manually or just to see these values for components?

      Thank you!

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          Stephen White

          Hi Paul,


          Here are the assumptions of radiation for thermal analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, I have bolded the relevant bits.


          Emissivity is the only quantity that can be input into the program. Transmissivity of materials cannot be taken into account for thermal analysis in Simulation. Therefore, absorption+reflectivity =1. When the user inputs emissivity, the program calculates the absorption.


          You have to select all the faces that participate in the heat exchange by radiation, meaning faces that will receive and emit radiation. Any surface you define radiation on will be able to absorb radiation. You can choose all faces which have the same emissivity factor at one step. Emissivity and absorption are handled equally, that means you can choose the inner side of the heated plate as well as the opposite face of the other plate at one step.


          When you define radiation and there are other surfaces in the area that will be affected you will need to select the surface to surface radiation. This is where the view factor comes in. The view factor is a value that adjusts for how the radiation is transferred from surface to surface.


          When you select surface to ambient, radiation effects for that surface will not affect any other surface. However, it will feel the effects of other radiating surfaces that are set to surface to surface.


          Hope this helps