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"Dynamic brake" need some advice refining Nonlinear AxiSymmetric simulation

Question asked by Ryan Enos on Jul 12, 2015
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I have been making simulations of a "dynamic brake" mechanism for a device that I need to have manufactured, time is very tight, so any advice at all is very appreciated, i will positive-feedback-whatever any replies.


  • If you don't want to read anymore, watch the video or look at a pic and leave a comment/advice please


I learning Solidworks simulation as I go, I started with simple stuff and have been making simulations more and more closely resembling how the brake will work in the device.


Of course I have been having problems of components exploding off screen and all that stuff that isn't funny until at least an hour later, so I've been learning and refining my simulation and everything then eventually getting it to work then moving on to a more complex simulation.

So, I thought I'd see if I could take advantage of the forums to speed up this process.


  • The problem is the assembly basically exploded towards the end of the simulation


I've dealt with this a lot as I've increased the complexity and have been refining the simulation and fixing it, now I need advice to see how I'm doing and what I should do next to make it a better quality simulation.


This simulation is pretty close to how the the brake will operate in the device

     The inner pipe has a prescribed displacement of 2in. It will move 1.2in., rubbing against the bottom of the brake, until its tab comes in contact with the brake to push it, rubbing the top of the brake against the outer pipe, compressing the "spring" to increase the normal/friction force between the brake and the outer pipe.

  •     The attached pdf  has a bunch of information, It is the OneNote saved as a pdf