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boundary surface alignment with direction 2 and default option selection

Question asked by Anton Petrov on Jul 11, 2015

As most of you know, when creating boundary surfaces, there is an option that allows you to align the surface in a specific manner (other geometry, iso, next and normal).  I use these options all the time depending on what i am doing. When creating a boundary surface using guide curves (direction 2), those alignment options disappear as soon as you select your guide curve.  This is probably because the alignment should be now dictated by the direction 2 guide curve(s).  But in reality, making an alignment selection before selecting the guide curve has a big a effect on the resultant surface. 


For example, when creating a boundary surface between two non-planar surfaces, i would select align with next section and the boundary surface would follow the shortest path between them (while also following any tangency/curvature constraints).  Now if I draw a guide curve that veers away from that shortest path and then select it as direction 2, after selecting "align with next section" one would presume that the guide curve path now overrides the alignment selection and the surface would follow the general trajectory of the guide curve.  Instead the resultant surface is rippled as it tries to do both - follow the guide curve and initial alignment selection.  To get desired behavior out of it i would have to un-select direction 2 guide curve which would once again make alignment option available and then select "align with other" and then reselect direction 2 guide curve.  Same kind of thing happens with iso or normal alignment. 


Over the years I learned to work around this "glitch" but its cumbersome and requires unnecessary clicks.  It is possible that i am not using this feature correctly so i am curious if any of you have similar experiences.  And if you do, why solidworks has not fixed it yet?


And just to give you an opportunity to score some points here is a question that can perhaps be answered.  Is there any way to make that boundary-surface feature default to a different selection option?  For example, i would love it if it defaulted to "tangency to face" and "align with iso" since those are the options i use most.


Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!