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Using EPDM lists within Dispatch?

Question asked by Jack Berryman on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Jack Berryman

Hi All,


The dispatch combobox function doesn't allow very many entries (12 or so?). It would be be brilliant to use one of the EPDM lists within a dispatch combobox.


I want to use a dispatch to change a variable on a selection of files and if I could use an EPDM list as the option selection it would make our workflow lots easier to use. Not to say make data entry more accurate.


The EPDM list I have in question is kept up-to-date using a T-SQL script to fetch the latest values.


If it's not possible, has any one got an example of an addin that could do the same?


Thanks for all your help in advance!


Kind Regards,