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UI Window lament

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Jim Wilkinson

Why is it that even in SW '15 SP4 it still can't remember the size of a window?

Example : open the add ins window and it shows you

you drag it open because afterall your screen is more then tall enough to see the entire screen without having to scroll

and this way you can see the status of the "other add-ins" in one glance.

Now it would be very convenient if SW would remember that so that if for one reason or another you want to alter or check the status of an add-in that you could see them all with one click. This however is not to be.


Example 2

Open the measure window and measure something, let's say the distance between two planes

Notice how it makes you scroll down or enlarge the window if you would like to see it all?

This one you can enlarge and it will remember it for the rest of the session.

Next time you boot SW up however it's back to the truncated view.

And could somebody please explain to me what the use is of being able to select more then 2 entities to measure if at most you can only see 3 entities in the selection window.

Is it really that difficult to make it either bigger or even to let it grow dynamically?

And why is it still deemed necessary to be able to stretch that window to span the entire width and height of your screen(s) (yes, those of us lucky enough to have more then one screen can stretch it that large)?


Are any of these issues addressed in SW '16?

Or are the UI changes there solely artistic?