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Differences in Drawing Print Times and Print Quality?

Question asked by Bill Schmid on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Bill Schmid

I have seven drawings - individual drawing files.  But they're very similar - all machined parts, each one made from the same casting.  All the drawings are on the same title block.  All the same sheet size.  Same views.  Same notes.  Same dimensions.


But two of them print very slowly, taking almost a minute to finish sending to the printer versus about five seconds for the other five drawings.  And the resulting print is noticeably poorer print quality for the slower printing drawings.


I can't seem to track down what the issue is.  I can't find where any of the views are set to draft quality.  I print all the drawings using the high quality setting.  There doesn't seem to be a difference in the document settings, either.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why the two drawings print so slowly and badly?


I'm using SW 2013 and have attached images for comparison.