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Motion Simulation

Question asked by Vincenzo Ccc on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Pablo Jorge

Hi everybody. I'm writing you because i'm finding issues in making a simulation of a suspension of a scooter.


There are some short questions i'd like you to answer.


  1. In creating this suspension, I realized in the same file (a "part" file) different parts that at the end I wanted to edit alone (I mean I wanted to make for each part a single file). So I found an option (Add in a new part) in the feature manager that let me to do what i was looking for. Well, it did it: it created another file with a single object in it but i cannot edit as i wanted because, for example, there is not the skecth of the object itself, I just see the object and I can only add more modification but not edit the ones that created the part itself. So, is there another way of doing what i'm looking for?
  2. After having created the suspension (the "Part" file I said before) I wanted to simulate it. Is it impossible to use "motion analysis" in a "part" file? Do I have always to use it in an "assembly" file?


Can you help me with the simulation of this suspension-assembly? I made it by creating for each part of the "part" file I said before a part file and then taking each of them in a single assembly file.
I find difficult to simulate it because the pivot A should slide inside the loop as the reaction F that simulates the weight of the person rotates the "triangle" and compress the spring S.SIDE_1.png



SIDE_2.pngIn the image at the left, the elements behind the S are made to simulate the spring. I linked them to stay horizontal as the Forces rotate the triangles and compress the Spring.SIDE_3.png






















3. I did this screenshot because I have another question. The links between the triangles and the brackets are hinges. Thus the surfaces between the spring and the brackets fit together. Is there a way to make the triangles and the spring central between the brackets?




I want to clarify that if I move the pivot in the loop, the suspension works fine.
When I simulate, when i calculate the simulation, nothing happens: the assembly stay still!
Can you help me?SIDE_4.png


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Messaggio modificato da Vincenzo Ccc: I added the master file of the suspension.