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eDrawings 2015 is a complete joke!! After starting the program 3 times you get the registration dialog box. Except that while you are completing the form the box closes. Then start the program three more times, and repeat process. What fun! But wait. Complete the form by beginning AT THE BOTTOM FIELD AND WORKING YOUR WAY UP. Guess what? The registration process completes. Quirky but fun, eh? But wait again. Something else. Keep opening and closing the program. As it always opens in a minimized window, it's so much fun to see that each subsequent window opens slightly farther up the monitor screen. Must be a new SolidWorks game app - how many times before the window opens completely out of the monitor view? And did I mention the inability of eDrawings 2015 to accurately print font characters? Or the inability to print to an accurate 1:1 scale even though you have that option? WHAT AN EFFIN JOKE!!!!!


Sorry. I should have begun with a spoiler alert that this is a rant.