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Need someone to design a camera head for motion control system.

Question asked by Alastair Vardy on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Larry Kutcher

Hi all. My name is Alastair and I work in Film and TV as a pyrotechnician. I am starting a youtube channel in the near future called "Everything Goes Bang" and the first series I will be producing needs a motion control rig. I am hopefully taking care of the telescopic stem and frame but need someone who can design a camera head. The head would later be manufactured in either 3d print or cnc, not sure which yet so files produced would need to be compatible with as wide a range of manufacture as possible. I do not use or have any knowledge of any design programs hence why I am posting this. This is in early stages at the moment but I need the whole rig up and running by December.


Please email or PM me if interested.