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Drawing file with many sheets issues

Question asked by James Swackhammer on Jul 9, 2015
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Good afternoon,


I have a customer who wants his assemblies on "D" size sheets and his piece parts on "B" size sheet but all in the same drawing. I understand that the drawing size will be large and probably hard to work with but it's what they want.


Currently I have the large assemblies as sheets 1-13 and the parts need to be 14 - 60+. My issue is when I bring over a "B" size sheet using the drag and drop technique the scale of the font (dimensios/notes) defaults to the "D" size. I could go into to the font settings and into the options menu but I don't want to do that for all the sheets, is there something I'm not checking or clicking? I'm thinking it's something simple or you just can't do it.


The picture, which I hope you can see, is what is happening. On the right side is the "B" size in it's own file and on the left is where I'm bringing is over the mate with the assembly sheets. As you can see the font gets larger.