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Issue to run HTML files with Internet Explorer (Solidworks Composer Player)

Question asked by Charles Legendre on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Richard Earley



     I try to run an HTML file created by SOLIWORKS composer Player. (Version 2015 SP1 Build and it doesn't work.


  • 1) It works with the computer which create the HTML file but if I send the HTML file on another computer and test it, it doesn't work. On the computer where the file work, I use the 8 version of Internet Explorer.
  • 2) I use Internet explorer 11 with the machine I try to run the HTML file, and know the fact i have to run my files with a 64bits version.
  • 3) When I use these files I get that :


I attach my file to my Mail.


Can someone help me please?


Ps : I have already tested the points as below


1) you have to use Internet Explorer

2) you have to publish the HTML document with the right version of the player.  The 64bit player won't work in 32bit Internet Explorer

3) you have to have your graphics card settings configured to support the client's video card. 

4) you have to allow Internet Explorer to install the plug-in when a dialog box comes up.

5)  If you are testing it on another machine and need to a web service to transfer the files, Windows is going to prevent execution of the files.  You have to unblock the files in Windows explorer by rigth-clicking on them, going to properties and in the file properties dialog box, unchecking the block file item.  It's a pain to do this for every file.  However, if you zip the files prior to uploading them, then after downloading, you only have to unblock the zip file before unpacking the contents.


Thank you.