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Broken References on Internal Part file

Question asked by Jesse Wood on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Ron Chappell

When I create a part internally to an assembly, and then have to change the assembly's file name, the references for that internal part become broken, is there any way to have it point to the assembly's new name?


I simplified what I was doing a bit and I guess that's why the proposed solutions aren't working. Here is exactly what I am trying to do. Part1 is created, then I create Assem1 and insert part1, then I create part2 inside assem1 (under insert part, select new part), create my sketch and extrude offset a distance from a surface on part1. Finally I have some cuts to do inside assem1 and create a drawing.


Here is where things don't work as I would hope. Next I create a copy of that folder, rename the drawing, and rename the assembly (using the solidworks rename feature to keep the link to the drawing). When I open the assembly (call it assem2) and change the length of part1, everything appears to work properly except that the length of part2 does not change.


Checking stages as I go: having the assembly in the new folder, prior to changing the assemblies name, I am still able to have part2 update it's length automatically.