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Strange Fill Surface Behaviour

Question asked by Luke Harris on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Luke Harris

I recently purchased a "SolidWorks - Surfacing" tutorial DVD by Infinite Skills. The tutorials are great, however they fly through pretty quickly and there seems to be no focus on how to combat any potential issues you may encounter.


The tutorials instruct, with the assistance of reference images, how to construct a Ferrari Enzo steering Wheel. I am currently working on the lower spoke for the wheel, which is constructed of various boundary surfaces but requires a couple of filled surfaces. The issue is that when I come to build my filled surface I end up with mountains instead of the smooth 'curvature continuous' surface i desire. I have played around with the surrounding surfaces a number of times (i.e. that define the perimeter of my fill). Though I managed to improve on the results i still have surface inconsistencies and a couple of unwanted concave and convex parts (see below).


So how does one control a filled surface? And is a fill the best method for this part of my model? And whilst we're on the subject, you may notice how the colours don't seem to transition smoothly at a lot of the surface boundaries; even on the front surface, which should show smooth curvature continuity (as far as i'm aware) as its just a fillet added after the fact.


Thanks in advance for your time