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User with no rights can increment revision of file. Why?

Question asked by valdas adamkus on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2015 by valdas adamkus


I have a group of users that should not be able to change the versions/revisions of the files in the  "Library" folder in the vault (they should not even check out these documents). I set a user's group permissions for this particular folder to only two positive actions: "Read file contents" and "Show working versions of file" (everything else is unchecked). Obviously, this user group is allowed to increment revision of working project files in another folders, therefore "State permissions" allow this group to increment the revision. Also, "Transition permissions" allows this group to go through all workflow states, including "Set next revision".


I thought that if a folder permissions are only set to "Read file contents" and "Show working versions of files", then the users of this group should not be able to increment a revision through a workflow actions. But they can, these users can still go through a workflow and increment a revision of these files in the "Library" folder.


What settings should be set on that "Library" folder in order to forbid the users in a particular user group (regular engineers) any editing of these files, and - most important - incrementing the revisions, leaving only read-only access? Now, these two permissions ("Read file contents" and "Show working versions of files") allow users to open and use files read only, which is as expected, but how should the revision incrementation be forbidden for this folder?


Thank you for your help