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How to increment revision only when the file is renewed?

Question asked by valdas adamkus on Jul 8, 2015
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I've been working on this issue, and can not figure it out. I have also read this thread:

How to increment Revision only if version of files change?


And this brings me a confusion of the complexity to achieving this goal ...


Say I have a unit consisting of a few dozens of subassemblies. All unit consists of a few dozen of thousands of parts. Now I open a small subassembly, edit it, save it, and check in the model of full unit. New version numbers will be given only to the updated parts in this small subassembly, and also the main unit, because this main unit is also changed due to changes in the mentioned subassembly.


Now the new revision of the full unit has to be released because of the changes. A standard workflow would give a new revision to every subassembly and part that unit. And then the manufacturing department would go crazy, because they would have to update everything, even though no real changes were ever made.


I am absolutely certain there must be a way to give a new revision number only to the files with a different version number than the previous revision. I can not imagine manufacturing in another way ... Otherwise a small change in a minor subassembly would require to update all drawings of the full unit, DXFs for laser machines, everything ... This just can not be possible


So how should the revision be given to only these documents which have different version than the previous revision?


Thank you for your advice