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    Move many items to a layer by name in a drawing...

    Geoff Johnstone

      I have a drawing of an assembly.  I want to put all the wheels on layer "wheels", all the beams on layer "beams" etc...

      Unfortunately I have to output to .dwg format so the unenlightened in the team can work on parts of the assembly.

      If I output with all the different type of parts on different layers, I receive less negative feedback from the cave dwellers.


      I can filter in the tree, but then I have to manually select each object which is tiresome.

      What I would really like to be able to do is tag the parts when I model them with a layer, then have this come through to the drawing.


      Do I need to learn the automation, or is there an out of the box solution?  I have searched forums, google etc with no luck