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    Dimensions in Notes

    John Wayman

      Good morning.

      I know that I can create a note then click on a dimension and have that dimension appear as part of the note.

      My question is:

      Does the dimension within the note continue to be parametric? That is, if I change the dimension in the model, will the note update?

      I have created such a note today and the appearance is that the dimensions in the note are not parametrically linked to the model dimensions. However, I am almost certain that. yesterday, I created such a note and the dimensions in the note did update when I changed the model dimensions.

      I would like the answer to be something along the lines of: 'Yes, John, of course they are parametric, you need to ensure that option xxx is checked to make sure they update.'

      I won't hold my breath, though...


      SW2014, SP5

      W7, 64 bit






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          Tony Cantrell

          Yes, John, of course they are parametric.

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              John Wayman


              I have done some investigation this morning.

              If I show the dimensions of my part feature in my drawing, then make a note and include one or more of those dimensions in my note by clicking on the dimensions, the note includes the dimensions.

              If I then go to the part and modify any of the dimensions included in the note, rebuild and return to the drawing, my note has updated, along with the shown dimension.

              If, however, when I have included the shown dimension in the note, I delete the dimension (after all, I don't want duplicate dimensions on the drawing), any subsequent changes to the dimension do not seem to cause an update to the note.

              As a specific example, I created a hole wizard hole by sketching a circle and a point on a face. I included a diameter dimension for the circle and an angle dimension showing where the point was relative to my top datum.

              I then circular patterned the hole wizard holes around my circle.

              I created a drawing and showed all the dimensions relating to the hole and the pattern. No problem so far.

              I then created a note attached to one of the holes:

              '<click hole callout> equispaced on <click hole wizard sketch diameter> pcd'

              This gave me a note that read:

              '4X(dia)4.5 THRO

              CSK (dia)9.4X90(deg)

              EQUISPACED ON (dia) 72 pcd'


              Exactly what I wanted.


              I then made a change to the hole diameter and rebuilt the model. The drawing note updated as expected.


              However, I can no longer have the dimensions shown, as they are in the note, so I deleted them.

              Next time I made a change to the model, the note remained unchanged.



              Is this intended functionality?


              Is there a work-around?


              Am I doing something wrong?


              I welcome your advice.