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Changing multiple appearances at once in an assembly

Question asked by Timo Van De Casteele on Jul 8, 2015
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The last few days, I've been busy making renders for our company website.

To create good renders, it's important to have the best appearance for every part.


This is where my problem occurs. The appearance for several steel parts (read: about 300 parts) has to be changed from 'polished steel' to 'satin finished stainless steel'.

When I try to do this, I only achieve to do one appearance at once. This means I have to click every single appearance in the manager and overwrite it with the good one.

I tried to select multiple appearances by using 'ctrl' or 'shift'. I can select the appearances, but when I try to change them, only one appearance has been changed.

This is very annoying and even more important, very time consuming. I hope you guys can help me out!


PS: an example can be found in attachment. There you can see I select multiple appearances that have to be changed. When I do this and change to 'satin finished stainless steel', only one of the selected appearances has been changed.


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