Kevin Van Liere

Recommended Toolbox Settings

Discussion created by Kevin Van Liere on Jul 16, 2007
I am looking for some help on the recommended settings for large groups of users. I am having trouble getting the options on the settings tab to work when configuring it. I am setting up a toolbox for about 20 users and I want about 5 of them to be able to add new parts when necessary since they will be trained and responsible for correct addition of new parts.

I have created a password. Then I removed all selections on one computer for the "Allow.... (5 settings). I select the "Set separately for each user" option and allow user to change.

Then if I go to another computer and open the toolbox configuration window I see the same settings as on the first computer (that is everything deselected). I enter the password, select all of the options to allow editing. I close the toolbox.

Now I come back to the original computer, open the toolbox configuration window and all of the "Allow" settings are selected. Isn't this supposed to be user dependent?

By the way, I have read Matt Lombard's article on toolbox but it is a few years old and doesn't have these new options in it.

Any help would be appreciated.