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Check in ("upload") local project to EPDM vault

Question asked by valdas adamkus on Jul 7, 2015
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I have a project on my local drive (the main assembly with many sub-assemblies and parts). And I also have a desired project folder in the vault that I want to place this local project to. However, if I open this project in Solidworks, the EPDM add-in window is with yellow background, all "state" describing icons are displaying a local version (obviously), and all EPDM icons on top of that window are grey and inactive.

I must be missing something here .. I want to "upload" this project from Solidworks, instead of copy - pasting it to the vault folder via explorer, in order to avoid all unused parts (aka "trash") to be moved to the vault. At least it was a standard procedure with Workgroup PDM - making initial design on local drive and then copying ("checking in") main assembly with all it's components to the vault.

There is a vault setting on a user group profile at "Warnings" section called "Warnings that block the operation" and tickbox "Outside Solidworks Enterprise PDM" (it is not enabled). But even if it was turned on I believe it should disallow checkin at the "Check in" window, instead of disabling every button at Solidworks EPDM add-in.

Would you please help me find how to copy this local project to the vault?1