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SW2015 SP4: analysis environment slow and unusable

Question asked by Umberto Zanola on Jul 7, 2015

I set up a structural analisys with mixed elements and everything was running ok (I performed the same analisys on similar components in the past so I know how the system behave and the order of magnitude of results). After installing SP4 from SW 2015 SP3 the analisys enviroiment slowed down (to assign thickness to shells it took 10 minutes while it should take few seconds), the memory usage skyrocketed even with a coarse mesh and results went crazy (same analysis run 3 times gave me 3 different order of magnitude as results).


I had to clean the model, trash all the results and start everything over, but the system was so slow I copied the model folder on an older workstation (with half the ram) running 2015 SP3 and I had back the expected speed: very responsive for every command, even the shell thickness preview took only 5seconds or so, while on the newer workstation it would hang.


I can confirm that before updating to SP4 everything was running just fine as I run the very same simulation on the same workstation without a problem.


Anyone experienced the same behaviour?