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Copy Settings Wizard Did Not Restore Mouse Gestures When Upgrading to SW2015 SP3.0

Question asked by Jody Wilkerson on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Cameron Brouwer

We recently upgraded from SW2014 SP3.0 to SW2015 SP3.0. We used Copy Settings Wizard to save everyone's settings before we installed SW2015 SP3.0. When we restored the settings in SW2015, the mouse gestures were still at the factory settings. Everything else came across and only had to change a few file locations. But now when we change the mouse gestures and use copy settings wizard to save the settings, it still seams like it doesn't restore the mouse gestures. If I revert back to the default settings it works fine but when I try to restore the old settings that were save in SW2015, the mouse gestures are not restored.


I started a help ticket with my VAR and they told me that we need to use the default settings and go through and add all of our customization back into the settings instead of using the copy settings wizard. This is news to me because that is what we use copy settings wizard for, so we don't have to go in and change the default settings every year when we upgrade. We have not had any issues doing this until now.


Does anyone else use the copy settings wizard when upgraded to major release of SW? Has anyone else had problems with the mouse gestures being restored? Should we be setting up our customized settings from scratch when we do an upgrade?


Any help or comments would be very welcome.