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    Exporting Forming tools to dxf file

    Habib Ghalamkari

      I've been using several macros to export flat pattern of sheet metal parts to DXF files for a while.

      Now I'm trying to add  forming tools to the export options, but it seems there's a problem somewhere.

      I believe the problem is in the calculations for Options argument of ExportToDWG2.


      I need Flat Pattern, Bend Lines, Library features and Forming tools to be exported.

      Options = 165     '(2^0) + (2^2) + (2^5) + (2^7) = 1 + 4 + 32 + 128


      Using this option value doesn't export forming tools.

      the whole macro file is attached if you need to have a look at it.

      thanks for any kind of advice.