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SW sp 4 update breaks windows indexed searches

Question asked by Dave Nowakowski on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by M. B.

Just a bit of a warning. 


This might be a glitch specific to my install, or it may affect others. 


Downloaded and installed sp 4.0 this afternoon.  Immediately afterwards i am unable to bring up files via windows indexed search function, including files unrelated to SW.  I checked the indexing option and all the folders I've selected to be indexed (my documents folder and a number of job specific folders) are cleared now and only "SOLIDWORKS DATA" is listed as an indexable folder.  Even "documents" and other windows defaults are gone. 


This is kind of a drag since I was set up to easily access job folders by pressing windows key, followed by job no, but now its broken until windows gets through reindexing of my job tracking folders.