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Part with multiple configurations (Design Table) - Save rebuild mark?

Question asked by Chris Manger on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Alin Vargatu

We have several parts that have multiple configurations, some with over a 100 configurations.   These parts are standard parts with configurable lengths, each configuration is different length.  A user would add the part to their assembly and choose a length.  They are driven by a design table and in the configuration tree, some have a green check and others have a minus sign.  From what I understand, the ones with the green check have configuration data saved, while the ones with a minus do not.  If a user adds the part to an assembly and chooses a configuration that doesn't not have a green check, then SolidWorks notifies the user that the part needs to be rebuilt and saved.   These parts are locked down in EPDM, so the user cannot save them.  I see you can add a "Rebuild/Save Mark" to each configuration, which will add to the file size and rebuild time.  If I add a rebuild/save mark to all configurations, save the part, then freeze the feature tree, the user doesn't get prompted that the part has changed.   The negative to doing this is the larger file size and it takes a long time to save this part.   What is the best practice for handling files like this?