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Getting a smooth surface

Question asked by Yaacob Mohd Rusdy Bin on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by J. Mather

Hello guys,


I need to smooth out the inner surface of the spline as shown below.

Figure 1.PNG

The current design that I have now, if I send out for fabrication, will result in non-smooth surface with many lines as in example for other sample of fabrication, like this.


Figure 2.PNG


I need to get rid off the lines and get a smooth surface. I have tried adding 4400 points along the spline but still the lines are still exist. Anyway i took me a lot of time to add the points, since the method I found to do it requires me to only add 100 points per time. So I have to repeat the steps, let say if to add 1000 points, i have to repeat the steps for 10 times!

Instead of that method, anybody knows how to make the surface smooth when machining? I can give u the polynomial of the spline..


Thanks for your kind help!