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How to utilize a macro for costing?

Question asked by Andrew Kuchta on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Brian High

Hello everyone,


So here is an issue I am having that I KNOW has to have a fairly simple solution:


I want to price all the configurations of a certain part I have all at once so that in a BOM with a column linked to that cost, the actual price shows up. Currently, if I am working in an assembly and insert a BOM with a costing column, no prices show up for any of the parts. Now, what I currently do is open up a part in the assembly and run a macro on it that makes a new configuration specific property called "part_cost" for each configuration of the part. Then, I open the costing tool, and SW calculates a cost based on my template. I save and close the part, and open up the assembly again. When I rebuild the assembly, the price that was calculated in Solidworks now shows in my price column next to the corresponding part that I priced.


The issue is that if I insert a different configuration of this part into the assembly, the different configuration shows a price of "N/A". The part_cost property exists because of the macro I ran, but the actual cost will not be present in the BOM until I open the specific configuration and open the costing tool. Once I open the costing tool, the part_cost property becomes the actual dollar cost amount.


I would love to have a macro that I could assign Task Scheduler to run once a week that runs costing on all my part configurations so that I do not need to open up each individual part of an assembly and run costing every time in order to update the property "part_cost". I tried recording myself opening the costing tool, but that did not create anything. Any information would really help me out, even if it was just pointing me in the right direction.