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Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Jul 6, 2015
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I am trying to figure out what the best way would be for us to create our drawings.


Once we create our product(s) we create a drawing set that shows; plans, elevations, sections and details.  Pretty typical. Currently all of that is generated from the model(s) that are project specific.  There are a lot of details that we make over and over again.


In AutoCAD we simply have them as a separate typ. drawing that gets added to the set.  I am looking to do something like this in SW so we don't have to spend time doing things like re-typing out notes or cutting and pasting them & then re-aligning the leaders.


We want our drawing set to be a single set with running page numbers.  So pages 12 of 40, 24 of 40 & 32 of 40 might be typ. details.  If I skip the pages we would have 'of 37' rather than 'of 40'.  If I leave the pages blank and just go in and replace the blank pages at the pdf level, its just more steps and I still have to update the page number info on the typ. details.


I have had mixed luck cutting and pasting full details.  Sometimes I get errors saying I can't do it but I really have not spent much time trying to figure out the (what, why, when's) of when it does or does not work.  Before I do, I'm hoping that there might be a simple solution I just don't know to research.  Maybe something like a 'insert detail from remote file' or something where the inserted detail keeps all the notes and dimensions but its on the correct page in the correct set.


What's the best way of achieving this


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