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SWEX glitch...?

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Jul 7, 2015

Hello all,


I have been whining to myself about the lack of "File>Rename" in SWX.  I know, I can simply "File>Save As" and the newly named part will be seen by its assemblies and references will be updated... But, that leaves a copy of the part with the old name in the folder - potentially causing confusion if the user does not delete the old name.  So, I need to clear out all instances of the part from RAM and then go to SWEX or WinExp (using RMB>SolidWorks>Rename) and rename that way. Kind of a pain, but I'll deal with it.


My problem today is that I used RMB>SolidWorks in WinExplorer and renamed a part and the assy did not find it.  So, rather than simply find the part with the new name (which works fine...) I tried it again - this time paying attention to the "where used" box.  Well, that box was empty.  In fact it still is empty.  When I use SWEX and select the part, the "where used" tab is properly populated - it shows the assembly that uses the part.


I saved, I closed SWX, I refreshed WinExp, I refreshed SWEX, I re-opened the assy and saved again...  I cannot seem to force the RMB> SolidWorks> Rename dialog to show "where used" for that part.


Is this "just a bug?"  If so, do others know about it?  Is there anything about that part that is causing this behavior? Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


Thanks for your thoughts and expertise...