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Macro - Curved pattern that rotate and scale original element at the same time

Question asked by Sam Andrew on Jul 6, 2015

Hi everybody,


I would like to pattern (X times) a simple quadrilateral which is linked to another identical quadrilateral to its right (in phantom line on the picture) by segment Equality relations...

I have never used the API tool... I don't know how to do this..., whether it is possible and easy to do ?

So I think that it consist in doing a macro that copy the original quadrilaterals, paste them and add 3 coincidence relations iteratively with the 3 highest points ....


Inputs : 3 angles (2 in the quadrilateral) and the length of the bottom segment of the original quadrilateral.



I would like at the end to get something like this, after rotation pattern (N times) of the sketch ideally obtained with the macro.



I would really appreciate your help.