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    orthotropic material inconsistency

    Sigma Tero

      I'm pulling what little bit of hair I have left out!  What's the trick with setting up an orthotropic material in a simulation for a composite shell?


      The feature is *very* inconsistent.  Sometimes it asks for reference geometry, sometimes not.  It seems to switch back and forth between orthotropic and isotropic at will.  Sometimes it makes new custom materials folders for me- and these don't seem to work either.


      Basically it's a possessed feature and makes no sense whatsoever.


      Can someone give me a recipe to make it behave in a predicable manner?

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            Janko Stellaard

            Hi Sigma,


            If you create a new custom orthotropic material as you are used to, it will ask you for a reference plane.


            If you create a new custom orthotropic material in the composite menu, it doesn't need a reference plane, because it will use the surface geometry as a reference. This orientation you can see in the preview of the composite material, and you can edit it (per face) in the composite menu.


            When you open the material library, the default settings will show you isotropic options. After you set it to orthotropic and select a reference, it will remember the settings on this part. If you use your custom material again in another part, it will start with isotropic properties again, and you have to change it again.


            It is quite predictable, but you need to keep your workflow in mind.



            Janko Stellaard

            Cadmes BV

            The Netherlands