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Rebuild Errors: Cannot create edge which does not split a face.

Question asked by Ana Barcos on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Jamil Snead

Hello and thank you in advance for your help.

I am building a ship model with surfaces only. The process I am following is:

1. Create the hull surface on Maxsurf (a shipscience program by means of which I create the hull surfaces)

2. Export the aforementioned surfaces as an .IGES file and import them to SW - no exportation problem is faced, all surfaces seem to be OK.

3. Create the ship's internal structure (basically with offset surfaces - and trimming them with the hull surface itself).

4. Split the hull (blue surface) everywhere where the internal structure (pink surfaces) intersects it (yellow lines).


In order to proceed with this 4th step I try to create a Split Line as shown above. Unfortunately though, SW keeps on complaining that it cannot create edge which does not split a face... but it is perfectly shown by the yellow lines that they do intersect. Furthermore, they should intersect since they were all trimmed with the blue surface itself.


I have been trying plenty of different ways to sort this out, since it is of major importance to divide the hull surface everywhere where an internal structure element intersects with it. I am afraid that this problem happens to be because of the hull IGES surface exported from Maxsurf because when trying to do any split line which does not involve that surface everything is OK.


Just to finish my question, I wanted to include as well one of the trials I have done to avoid this nuisance. Since I suspect that the problem comes from the imported .IGES file, I have created a similar surface as the one exported by lofted surface on SW and reference any of the internal structure features to that last one. Unfortunately it didn't work. - I am attaching the link for that file so that you can see better what have I done hull 02_06_2015_12_8_2.SLDPRT - Google Drive .


If any of you could have a look and give me any feedback or advice I would be really grateful.