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    Bell harmonics...

    George Carter

      I am using SW2013 and I need to design a small bell with fairly tight geometrical constraints. I have the basic shape modeled up and would now like to do some harmonic analyses to optimise the shape of the bell to give the loudest and most acoustically pleasing ring. Has anyone done this before? Could you please give me some clues as to how I could achieve this?.

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          Stephen White

          Hi George,


          I think we will only be able to get part of the way there in bell analysis. I have look at this in the past for a customer and it is possible to find the frequencies that the bell will vibrate at in terms of the hum, prime, tierce etc. but the actual acoustic behaviour is something that is much more difficult to simulate.


          We could extract the natural modes for the hum etc in Simulation Professional;

          But for the loudness and most 'pleasing' ring it will be much more difficult without physical testing of the bell. In Simulation Premium we could run the analysis of an impact of a clapper with damping to look at the decay of the bell and extract the deformation of key points to try and extract the different frequencies and overtones, but I have had no experience in this, and white papers / journals online are pretty scarce on the subject.


          I have attached a .pdf that might be of interest for you.





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              George Carter



              Thanks so much for your very helpful reply. I have seen that paper before. As you say, information on the topic is scarce. I guess I will need to make a prototype based on some initial analysis, then try to modify the prototype to get the most pleasing sound.


              I really appreciate your help.