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update drawing nag

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Jul 6, 2015

Why, WHY, please tell me W H Y can we make this go away for ever.


If we do need it, then like any other message we clicked away we can always get it back.

But for us that sometimes have to work on one drawing after the other for days, weeks even, on end

to have to click the 'don't show again' (until the next time that I restart SW because of memory leaks, crashes, it being a new day, or whatever)

gets pretty annoying and boring pretty quick.


(I dropped about half a dozen expletives in the above sentences that's how fed up I am about it)


If you have people that have time to play around giving the UI a washed out look (and other design mistakes of the first magnitude) you surely must have one person that can set the flag in the code of thsi dialog box so as to make it never show again.