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    Julio Cesar Silva

      Hi guys, anyone there using strenx steel? I need the material data to create in soludworks, need to make a project lighter and it looks a good choice of material

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          Kevin Hawkinson

          Did you try looking it up on google?

          Strenx has a website. It's made by SSAB.

          Strenx is a brand name for a series of steels.

          It's available in sheet, plate, tube and sections.

          It's available hot rolled or cold rolled.

          It's available with yield strengths between 600 and 1300 MPa.

          So, to answer your question, Strenx does not have a specific set of mechanical properties.

          Instead, you would find mechanical properties for Strenx 960, or Strenx 700 Offshore, or Strenx Tube 900 MH, et cetera.


          Try looking here:

          Strenx steel plates and sheets | Strenx