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mesh failing for body but failure diagnostics show face on other body

Question asked by Ryan Helling on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Jim Riddell

I have an assembly that I am trying to mesh, for some reason there is one part that will not mesh no matter what I do. The weird thing is that sometimes when I go into the failure diagnostics, it tells me the body that will not mesh (FRAME TOP) and then shows an indented list of edges and faces that I am assuming are the reasons for the failure. However when I look at the faces and edges they are features of a different part, not on the one that is the body it is telling me is failing?? I dont get it. See the screenshot attached. The part circled is the frame top (which it says is failing), and you can see the face that is highlighted (arrow pointing to it, also circled in failure diagnostics)  is not on this part that it is telling me is failing. I have tried to reduce mesh size extremely small, varied my contact sets, simplified the assembly to just 3 components. Also by itself, the frame top will mesh no problem, only when it is in an assembly does it fail. Any help would be appreciated.